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Saturday , April , 29 , 2017
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Asset Encumbrance Reporting

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All firms subject to COREP reporting under the CRD IV mandate will have to submit an Asset Encumbrance report and, in common with all COREP disclosures, the new Asset Encumbrance report must be submitted as an XBRL document.

The EBA defines Asset Encumbrance as follows: “An asset shall be treated as encumbered if it has been pledged or if it is subject to any form of arrangement to secure, collateralise or credit enhance any transaction from which it cannot be freely withdrawn”. Therefore, the number of templates required will depend upon the size and nature of the reporting entity, but at least one template must be filed on a quarterly basis.

The good news is that CoreFiling’s cloud-based Seahorse solution already contains all the required templates, reducing the stress for firms that now find they have to submit these new filings.


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