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CXO-Cockpit Executive Dashboard

CXO-Cockpit, the web-based and mobile reporting platform for CPM systems is also available for Oracle | Hyperion Enterprise. Although Oracle has announced the End-of-Life of Hyperion Enterprise, it still sold today and Hyperion Enterprise still enjoys a large group of dedicated worldwide users who simply love their Hyperion Enterprise system. CXO-Cockpit has dashboards built specifically for Hyperion Enterprise users as we understand some of the limitations of reporting via Hyperion Enterprise.

CXO-Cockpit Reporting Suite delivers value to our Hyperion customers by making the reporting cycle shorter, cheaper and less error prone than with the native Hyperion Reporting tools like SmartView and Hyperion Reports.

What is the issue at hand with native Hyperion Enterprise Reporting?

As with many CPM systems the output from Enterprise is mainly Excel driven. The periodic reporting process is therefore complex, error prone and high pressured work for the reporting team at HQ or at Divisional level. The results are often stacks of paper reports that are hard to analyse and digest by Senior Management. Furthermore, the native output from Enterprise is not dynamic, not web-based and for sure not able to be distributed via a mobile device like an iPad.

One week to deploy!
Within just one week CXO-Cockpit is capable of turning your Excel Based reporting process into a dynamic Web-based and Mobile reporting platform for all your Enterprise data. CXO-Cockpit maintain all the Hyperion Enterprise Dashboards and Reports, including our Mobile output, via the same central maintenance software, meaning you only need one single piece of software for all your reporting needs. You do not need any lengthy and expensive BI projects. You also do not need different software components for Mobile reporting. Everything is included in one package: CXO-Cockpit Reporting Suite for Enterprise.
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