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Our partnership with Alui is extremely successful. It is critical that our system is never down, and any time we need support the Alui team responds immediately and provides an excellent service.

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Hyperion Financial Management (HFM) Support

We believe that Oracle's recent announcement of a cloud consolidation tool has implications for you if your  company is using the on-premise server based versions of HFM. Our view is that Oracle;s focus on new Cloud releases will inevitably lead to reduced development effort going into your server based version. If you accept this, your company has a major cost saving opportunity as your annual support fee is essentially paying just for technical support.  If you do nothing and continue to pay Oracle their annually renewable support fee then in less than 5 years you will have re-bought your software all over again.  

Alui provides an alternative to the annual technical support you currently receive now from Oracle on HFM. Our support offering, at 50% of your current fee, is unique in the industry in that it encompasses both technical, application and infrastructure support. Alui’s customers make substantial on-going savings, while also receiving high levels of personal, expert service from a dedicated support team.

If you use Hyperion FDM with your Hyperion application, we can include FDM support – for more information on FDM, click here


Key Benefits

The benefits that you will receive under our support program include:

  • Lower support fees - Save 50% on your annual support fees. The cost savings you make could be set against an investment in newer technology in 3-5 years time.
  • High level of service – Combines technical, application and infrastructure support from an assigned team who understand your business and your technical environment.
  • No forced upgrades - We commit to supporting your current release for as long as you need, whatever version of HFM you use and for however long you intend to use it. 
  • Increased ROI on your original software purchase - A longer release lifespan means resources are made available for use elsewhere

Remote System Administration
We also offer a Remote System Administration service for HFM. As companies increasingly look at ways of optimising their resources, many are making the decision that the system administration tasks required for HFM can be effectively carried out by partnering with Alui.

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Consulting Services
We can provide consulting, on-site or remote, at competitive rates.

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