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The service I get from Alui is excellent, and as a result of the calls I have made to the support team we have been able to make some positive improvements to our Enterprise application. Given that we plan to continue using Hyperion Enterprise for the foreseeable future, it is great to have such a good relationship with Alui.

Group Consolidation Manager
$1.8bn Transport Company

Hyperion Enterprise Support

Alui provides an alternative to the annual technical support you probably receive now from Oracle on Hyperion Enterprise. Our support offering, at 50% of your current fee, encompasses both technical support and application support. Alui’s customers make substantial on-going savings, whilst also receiving far higher levels of personal, expert service from an assigned Hyperion specialist, backed up by a dedicated support team. In some cases, we can offer you HE support on a Pay-As-You-Go basis, contact us to find out more.

If If you use Hyperion FDM with your Hyperion Enterprise application, we can include FDM support – for more information on FDM, click here

In January 2012 Oracle released a Statement of Direction for Hyperion Enterprise, in which they clearly state that the latest version of the software is the final release of this product, making Alui’s support offering even more compelling – a 50% cost saving and a better service. 

Key benefits
The benefits that you will receive under our support programme include:

  • Lower support fees - Save at least 50% on your annual support fees.
  • High level of service – Combines technical and application support from an assigned technical support specialist who understands your business and your technical environment. Includes advice and assistance related to using HE when upgrades are planned to server/client operating systems or Microsoft Office.
  • Direct Dial model – Call a local number and speak immediately to a specialist who can help you
  • No forced upgrades - We commit to supporting your current release for as long as you need, whatever version of Enterprise you use and for however long you intend to use it.
  • Increased ROI on your original software purchase - A longer release lifespan means resources are made available for use elsewhere
Remote System Administration
We also offer a Remote System Administration service for Hyperion Enterprise. As companies increasingly look at ways of optimising their resources, many are making the decision that the system administration tasks required for Hyperion Enterprise can be effectively carried out by partnering with Alui.

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Extend the lifespan of Hyperion Enterprise
The CXO-Cockpit is an advanced web-based Reporting and Analysis solution that is designed exclusively for your Hyperion Enterprise (HE) system. The flexible content of the CXO-Cockpit dashboards and reports deliver all of the reporting and analytical capabilities that finance professionals, Group Controllers, CFO’s, CIO’s, and COO’s demand.

Within just one week CXO-Cockpit is capable of turning your Excel Based reporting process into a dynamic Web-based and Mobile reporting platform for all your Enterprise data

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Consulting Services
We can provide consulting, on-site or remote, at competitive rates.

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