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Is third-party software support right for you?
The rapidly consolidating software industry has typically offered its customers a ‘one size fits all’ approach to software support. This has led many companies using stable software platforms to question the value of this approach and look at their options for software support. At Alui we believe you should have all the facts that will help you make the best decision in choosing your software support provider.

Companies are increasingly reviewing all of their operating costs to ensure that they are receiving good value for money. In turn this leads many companies to explore alternative software support providers in order to significantly increase the return on these investments.

To help you determine if third-party software support is the right solution for your organisation, consider the following factors when you explore your choices...

Reduce annual operations costs
  • Annual maintenance fees are generally set between 17% and 22% of the original software licence price, meaning annual maintenance expenses will exceed the original cost of the purchase within approximately five years. 
  • Software support costs can be reduced by up to 50% by using third party suppliers. 
  • Is there a sound business case for upgrading to the next generation of software platform? Are you paying just for support or are you funding the development of the next software platform? 
  • Forced upgrades to the latest version of the software can be a costly exercise in terms of both employee time and resource. 
A higher level of personal service
  • Do you generally speak to the same support contact who has a good understanding of your technical & business reporting environment? 
  • Do you have direct contact with support specialists who have worked with the product over many years? 
  • Are your support issues dealt with in a fast and efficient manner?
  • Do you get joined-up support that covers technical, application and infrastructure elements of your software


Stay on current versions of the software
  • Is there a workaround within the software that would address your issue rather than doing a major upgrade? 
  • If your current version is very stable and customised, is your support provider helping you to maximise all the features & functions in the product as opposed to trying to sell you on the latest new platform? 
  • Do you want to wait until the next generation of software platform has stabilised so as to not jeopardise your mission critical applications?
Consider the timing
If you believe that your company may benefit from third-party support, it is important that you know the date on which your Hyperion maintenance is due for renewal, as well as any specific cancellation terms that may apply. You should then ensure that there is ample time before that renewal date to meet with Alui to investigate your support options and discuss the potential benefits of third-party support.
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Typically companies who are early adopters want the latest technology and applications to support their business, which means they tend to invest heavily in the development of future releases of the software. If your aim as an organisation is to always deploy the latest versions of software, third-party software support may not be the right solution for you. In this case, you may be interested in Alui's added-value application support. However, if your company does not fit the profile of an early adopter, please contact Alui to explore the alternatives that third-party software support can provide.


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